Comenius 2013 - 2015

Youth ECHOES – Europe, Careers, Hopes and fears, Opportunity, Enthusiasm (to build a) Solidary Europe“

Unter der Federführung des GLH arbeiteten in dem Projektteam Schulen aus Spanien, Portugal, Italien, Griechenland, Österreich, Polen, Schweden, Lettland und Litauen zusammen, und zwar Schüler wie Lehrkräfte. Projektsprache war Englisch.

Die Projektgruppe hat eine eigene Website erstellt:

Project Summary

Our project is to contribute to strengthening the European dimension of education by promoting cooperative activities between schools from different countries in North, South and Central Europe.

It is the main target of our project to explore the expectations of young EU citizens concerning their prospects and future opportunities within the European Community. To start with, the participating youths will make themselves familiar with each other’s current situation, educational systems and cultures. It is the educational intention to display to the youngsters from so many different European nations a wide range of positive prospects in spite of the currently difficult social and economical situation in their home countries.

We will look into the present-day youth in the partner countries involved, i. e. their values and ideals, their hopes and fears both as individuals and as a generation; particular interest will be put on special needs students. One of the aims is to understand how they see themselves and their commitment and responsibility as both national and European citizens. By contrasting their self-perception with the ones of their peers, youths will become more aware of what they have in common and thereby unites them. The project team members believe that this is indispensible for building a common ground from which to move on and eventually build a Europe of enthusiastic and politically committed citizens.

The staff, too, will get to know much more about the EU and the partner countries. We want to exchange working methods and work examples which are apt to be taken over into daily school life.

The intended focus of our project should make aware the role of the EU in the life of young Europeans, illustrating to them the prospects and possibilities which the EU offers to them.

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